Physical and digital security locked down

Mission: Helping businesses secure their physical and digital assets with a system that is practical and convenient for their employees.

Vision: With current technologies, it is fully possible to fortify your business against security threats. But it’s a drag for employees. Staff is effectively asked to man the gates. They are expected to get accustomed to handling multiple security credentials. To endure cumbersome two-factor authentication procedures.

Our vision is to replace that with a system that employees will barely notice — yet one that still upholds to strict security standards.

We will achieve it by unifying physical and digital security.

Every office worker gets issued a single key that is then used to unlock doors and log into digital accounts.

With the Modis Lock, the security infrastructure is practically invisible for insiders — but it’s an imposing solid wall for outsiders.

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Developed by a team of battle-tested engineers

Modis is a team of industry veterans with more than 50 years of combined experience in embedded engineering and business development.

We were there in the early days of the internet, starting businesses that launched our careers and shaped us into entrepreneurs we are today. Back then, for us, the web meant nothing but opportunity.

But for business owners today, it’s equal parts threat and opportunity. All because of the rise of cybercrime. That is why we gathered to provide sophisticated security solutions for business owners: to bring back the good times in which entrepreneurs can focus on their core business, knowing that their security is taken care of.

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