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How to interface a Microcontroller with a Raspberry Pi through UART

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The main engine of the Modis Lock host module is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.  The CM3 module also uses an ARM core microcontroller to facilitate reliable communication with its remote reader modules.     Setting up an interface between a Raspberry Pi and a remote peripheral is pretty straight forward with the [...]

Separation of Services for a Better Night Sleep

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Whenever someone in the IT department is asked “how secure” their system is, it’s always just the right answer for the asking party. Reality is another answer, one that can’t be answered with exactness. Kind of like that time you asked your priest where heaven was and what the gates were made of. The answer [...]

Modis Lock: how it started and how to get yours early

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Over two decades of working in hardware taught me this: The best product ideas don't come out of whiteboard sessions or R&D. Instead, they start as ideas that hit you out of nowhere. I bet that many are even overlooked. I know that I almost let go of this one. But experience taught me to [...]

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