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Dreamed of becoming a paleontologist, until one of his friends showed him an electronic kit. Love at first sight. Still, dinosaurs are his favorite pets.

It’s time to bring two-factor authentication to physical security

By |2018-05-22T21:16:25+02:0022/05/2018|Categories: Modis Lock, Security|

YubiKeys were a great leap forward in making two-factor authentication convenient. Convenient enough to be deployed internally in companies such as Google and Facebook where information security is obviously extremely important. But are they convenient enough to become a truly ubiquitous standard embraced by businesses worldwide? I believe they can be. For that to happen, [...]

Modis Lock: how it started and how to get yours early

By |2018-04-25T21:04:09+02:0013/07/2017|Categories: Modis Lock|

Over two decades of working in hardware taught me this: The best product ideas don't come out of whiteboard sessions or R&D. Instead, they start as ideas that hit you out of nowhere. I bet that many are even overlooked. I know that I almost let go of this one. But experience taught me to [...]

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