Modis Lock gets “Works With YubiKey” certification

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We are proud to announce our technological partnership with Yubico, a global authentication leader. Through the Modis and Yubico collaboration, our vision of uniting physical and digital security in one easily operated product has come true - The Modis Lock. Works With YubiKey Out of all good things in the process of growing your business, recognition [...]

Say it with a CAN Bus and a Raspberry Pi

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Introduction A minimal Modis Lock system consists of a Host Controller that houses a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and a Reader unit with an ARM microcontroller.  The Host Controller is the ‘brain’ of digital access control and the reader unit receives remote inputs.  Even though the Host Controller has a powerful quad-core BCM2837 Broadcom [...]

How to interface a Microcontroller with a Raspberry Pi through UART

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The main engine of the Modis Lock host module is a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3.  The CM3 module also uses an ARM core microcontroller to facilitate reliable communication with its remote reader modules.     Setting up an interface between a Raspberry Pi and a remote peripheral is pretty straight forward with the [...]

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