It’s time to bring two-factor authentication to physical security

By |2018-05-22T21:16:25+02:0022/05/2018|Categories: Modis Lock, Security|

YubiKeys were a great leap forward in making two-factor authentication convenient. Convenient enough to be deployed internally in companies such as Google and Facebook where information security is obviously extremely important. But are they convenient enough to become a truly ubiquitous standard embraced by businesses worldwide? I believe they can be. For that to happen, [...]

Separation of Services for a Better Night Sleep

By |2018-05-17T20:57:26+02:0021/07/2017|Categories: Security|

Whenever someone in the IT department is asked “how secure” their system is, it’s always just the right answer for the asking party. Reality is another answer, one that can’t be answered with exactness. Kind of like that time you asked your priest where heaven was and what the gates were made of. The answer [...]

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