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Initial Software Registration

1. Open http://modislock.net in a browser window and follow the initial registration sequence to complete the software installation.

Here’s the initial registration screen. Enter the serial number found on the Host unit. Also select any options you wish to enable. Click ‘Next’ when ready to move on.

Initial registration

Choose your administrator credentials here. Please make sure the provided information is correct. You will need to use this credential to login back into the system.

Administrator credential

On the next tab, select the local time and timezone.

Local time and time zone

Lastly, please review our End-User License Agreement and select ‘Agree with Terms’ if you agree. Click ‘Finish’ to finalize your selections.


2.  Once the registration is complete, the system will restart and you will be asked to sign in using the administrator credentials from the registration.

First login

3.  After logging in, new users may be added by selecting ‘User & Key Management’ section listed on the left.  Additional help regarding the web suite is available in the ‘Help’ section.

User Management Option

4. Additional help regarding the web suite is available in the ‘Documentation’ section. It is also available at http://modislock.net/docs.

Documentation / Help Section

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