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Reader Unit Installation

Each Reader unit consists of a front assembly and a rear casing. The front cover panel and its main logic board are bonded to the front outer casing. The two anodized aluminum casing are held in place by two M3 machine screws on each sides.

Reader Components

Carefully remove those two screws and slide out the front from the rear casing. The connections are found on the backside of the front assembly. For additional help with physical mounting of the Reader unit, please check out the Hardware installation guide.

1. Connect CAN Bus Wires to the Host Unit

Reader Connections

  • +12V DC – +12V DC Power (use only the provided power unit)
  • GND – Ground
  • CANL – CAN Bus Low
  • CANH – CAN Bus High

2. Select the Reader ID and CAN Bus termination options

If using only one Reader, no action is necessary as default address is set to 1 and CAN Bus termination is set to ON (as illustrated).

For any additional Reader unit, set each Reader’s address between 2 and 4. Also, please set proper termination for the CAN bus.  Modis Lock requires a split termination between the Host and the last Reader unit. The Host is already terminated, but the last reader on the bus requires its termination switches set.

Reader Dip Switches

Address ID1 ID0
1 (Default) OFF OFF

Note: Modis Reader unit(s) are powered by the CAN Bus.  The unit will power on when the Host unit is powered on.

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