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Reader Troubleshooting

1. USB daughterboard

  • The USB slot on the reader resides as a small, separate daughterboard connected to the main board of the reader. As the slot wears from use and is no longer functioning correctly, the old daughter board can simply be swapped out with a new one. Please note the wire connections before disconnecting the daughterboard in order to reconnect them.
  • Reader Daughterboard Removal

  • Once the reader is reassembled after a service, the reader will power on as soon as the 12V power is connected to the host. However, to reestablish network communication, the Host will require a quick reset (less than 2 seconds push) to reconnect with the reader and other readers if present. Without the reset, the reader cannot provide any authentication service.

2. Soft Reset

  • If the reader seem unresponsive for any reason, the following sequence on the touchpad may manually restart the reader; *8675309#
  • Following a reader soft reset, the host will likely require a 2-second reset as well to reestablish communication.
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