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This is a super-condensed summary of the setup steps laid out in detail at Physical Installation. If this is your first time here, we recommend you start there first. Thank you.

First Steps

First set-up steps

  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the back of the Modis Lock Controller to an existing local network.
  2. Power on the Controller by plugging in the power adapter to an outlet.
  3. After about a minute, the Controller should be reachable on the local network at https://modislock.local.
  4. Open a web browser and type https://modislock.local for the URL of the Web Admin Suite.

You should see something like this;

  1. Continue with the rest of the prompt to complete the initial registration of the controller. After a serial number input, you will be asked to provide the following;
    1. Administrator’s Name
    2. Administrator’s Email (used as a login ID)
    3. Administrator’s Account Password
    4. Local Time and Timezone
  2. The screenshots below walk through the entire sequence for your reference.
  3. Entering the serial number found on the back of the Lock.
  4. Confirmation of the serial number.
  5. Administrator’s name and email address.
  6. Entering the name and email.
  7. Confirmation of administrator’s name and email address.
  8. Administrator’s password and confirmation.
  9. Current system time selection.
  10. Local timezone selection.
  11. Confirmation of the local timezone.
  12. Final confirmation screen before restarting the Web Administration Suite


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