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Main Dashboard

After log-in, you will be greeted with the dashboard view Modis Lock. Dashboard presents a bird’s-eye-view of your system.

The colorful icons will quickly highlight your system’s operation and status. Notice that system status shows ‘Degraded’. This will change to ‘Good’ once a reader is connected.

Error messages are tracked and logged. The number of error messages on the system are counted and displayed.

The number of validations that have occurred in the last 24 hours are displayed in the next box.

The number of denials are also tracked over a period of 24 hours. These are keys that have been disabled, yet tried to access the system.

The empty Recent Activity table shows the last 24 hours of events. These fields can be sorted by Name, Event Type, Event Time, Event Location, or Event Direction.

Names of the Event Location or Event Direction can be changed in the Reader Settings to reflect a more meaningful description.


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