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The administration is installation is accomplished with few steps.


  • A MySQL database is used to store events and user information: sudo apt install mysql-server
  • The web server used is Ngnix. This can be modified by the installer if needed: sudo apt installnginx
  • A Supervisor is an amazing tool that will start and re-start processes with ease: sudo supervisor

Note: Suggested that a virtual environment is used: example virtualenv -p python3 .env

Management install

  1. Install the web console package with pipsudo pip3 installgit+https://github.com/Modis-GmbH/ModisLock-WebAdmin.git
  2. Modify the nginx /etc/nginx/sites-available/modis_adminserver-name to reflect your hostname and directory
  3. Modify the /etc/supervisor/conf.d/modis_admin.conf file to reflect your installation directory
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