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System Settings

Network Settings

Network address of the Modis Lock Host unit can be automatically configured by a local DHCP server (as shown below) or configured manually be toggling the switch labed STATIC, and entering the required information in the panel.

Be sure to save any changes made in this window before proceeding.

System Settings - Network view

Security Settings

This panel allows customizing the length of the PIN codes, and how long user access information is kept on the server. The length of the PIN code is an important option as it will significantly determine the security of the system. PIN codes that are too short can increase convenience while undermining the robustness of the system.

In addition, certain access events can trigger email notifications if configured in the email server settings panel.

Be sure to save any changes made in this window before proceeding.

Reader Settings

The first panel allows labeling each reader and assign their operation with physical entry system. Each reader can be configured to enforce an entry from the outside or exit from within a secure area. Each reader then requires to be connected to one of the two relays on the host module.

Operation of each relay unit can be customized for any specific situation to accommodate shorter or longer relay actuation time as well as any additional output to the output sensor pins.

Be sure to save any changes made in this window before proceeding.

Access Rules

This panels allows system-wide definition of a ‘work-week.’ Shown below is a very special place (I can only imagine) where users are only authorized from shortly after midnight until 6pm, on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

The start and stop time cannot roll-over to next day. For example, access hours from 8pm (20:00) to 4am (04:00) next morning is not possible.

Be sure to save any changes made in this window before proceeding.

System Back-up and Restore

Entire Modis Lock system and data can be backed up from this option, as well as restored. Backup Database will perform system back-up.

To restore, select Choose file and select a back up and click Upload and Restore

Both back-up and restore will briefly interrupt authentication service while performing back-up or restoration.

Aside from system resets from the reset button on the Host unit, Reboot System will also reboot the Host unit immediately.

Purge Database will wipe the user access data and will essentially ‘factory restore’ the system. After a restart, you will be prompted to perform the initial registration process.

API Access

To allow API controlled access to the Host data, you can add API tokens in this panel.

System Settings - API

Once you click Add Token, a pop-up will direct you to the next steps.
System Settings - API Enroll

For additional detailed information about the Modis Lock API, please select Documentation option from the main menu of the Web suite or try here online (will open a new browser window).

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