We are proud to announce our technological partnership with Yubico, a global authentication leader. Through the Modis and Yubico collaboration, our vision of uniting physical and digital security in one easily operated product has come true – The Modis Lock.

Works With YubiKey

Out of all good things in the process of growing your business, recognition from industry peers seems to be the one you can’t plan. This is why we are happy to let you know that Yubico has accepted Modis in theirWorks with YubiKey Program”.

By entering the “Works with YubiKey Program” we have joined a list of companies which hold some of the industry leaders like GitHub, Dropbox, and Twitter.

The Modis Lock

The Modis Lock allows you to use the same credentials for physical and digital access, and that’s the most obvious advantage of this product. But it’s certainly not the only one.
First of all, the Modis Lock can be integrated with standard commercial electronic locks. There is no need to redo your whole office space. And it blends easily with modern offices because of its sleek and elegant design.
A single Modis system can control up to two doors. The hardware consists of a host unit paired with up to four reader units.
The Modis Lock simply makes the day-to-day authentication and security problems at work disappear. Since a single key is used for, let’s say unlocking the front door of the company and accessing the company server, there is no need for multiple passwords, access keys, and authentication methods. One device handles all of that.

More about Modis and Yubico

Modis has been helping businesses secure their physical and digital assets by providing sophisticated security solutions. Their mission of unifying physical and digital security was realized through the Modis Key.
Yubico’s mission is to make secure and safe login available to everyone. Founded in Sweden in 2017, the company has been providing users with YubiKey, their core-invention. A small USB and NFC security key that ensures safe access to IT systems and online services. Today, YubiKey is used by industry giants like Google and Facebook.