We are glad to announce that the Modis Lock now supports the ChipNet Fido U2F Key, a FIDO certified U2F key designed for protecting your accounts.

Another key has been added to the list of Modis Lock supported U2F keys. We are certainly happy to see that list expanding more and more. If you want to join the Modis Lock partner program please submit your U2F keys for testing.

The combination of the Modis Lock and the ChipNet Fido U2F Key is bound to make the life in your company easier. Your IT personnel will thank youModis Lock turns access control into an extension of digital security, simplifying and enhancing both.

With the Modis Lock, your digital and physical security are united and handled with ease. One key unlocks the front door of the building and gives you access to your digital accounts.

More about Modis and ChipNet

Modis has been helping businesses secure their physical and digital assets by providing sophisticated security solutions. Their mission of unifying physical and digital security was realized through the Modis Key.

ChipNet is an advanced digital identity solutions company based in Spain. As a pioneer company in Spain in the introduction of smart cards and digital security systems since its foundation in 2000, ChipNet has focused its activity on the design and production of devices and solutions for the protection of sensitive information both in the field of the hardware as of the software.