We are happy to announce that Modis Lock now supports KEY-ID, the FIDO U2F key and USB push-button device for protecting online accounts.

Yet another key has been added to the list of Modis Lock supported U2F keys.

With Modis Lock and KEY-ID, your security problems will disappear. You’ll be able to unlock doors and access digital accounts with just one key. Trust us, your IT department will thank you.

Since the Modis Lock easily integrates with standard electronic locks, you can secure both your company building and all the digital accounts with just one solution. Once you start using it you’ll see that the Modis Lock eliminates that tiresome security process with multiple security tokens. There’s no need for dozens of complicated passwords and various security cards – one key works with everything.

If you want to learn more about the Modis Lock, visit the official page.

More about Modis and KEY-ID

Modis has been helping businesses secure their physical and digital assets by providing sophisticated security solutions. Their mission of unifying physical and digital security was realized through the Modis Key.

KEY-ID provides U2F security solutions for personal and business use. Their flagship product is the KEY-ID FIDO U2F security key.

If you want to join the Modis Lock partner program please submit your U2F keys for testing.