We are proud to announce that the Modis Lock now supports the Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC key, a certified U2F authentication key.

The ePass FIDO-NFC key has several advantages that recommend it for everyday use. Firstly, it works perfectly with Android mobile phones. So, in truth, the one device that we carry everywhere with us. You may leave your computer at work, but you’re bound to take your phone home with you.

Secondly, it works equally well on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The ePass FIDO-NFC key covers all major operating systems. It’s highly likely that you are using one of those in your office right now.

Don’t forget that the 30% discount on the Modis Lock is still available. We are offering the 30% discount and free shipping to everyone who orders it before January 15th, 2019. Get the Modis Lock at this special price – it’s a great way to start the year.

If you want to learn more about the Modis Lock, visit the official page.

More about Modis and Feitian

Modis has been helping businesses secure their physical and digital assets by providing sophisticated security solutions. Their mission of unifying physical and digital security was realized through the Modis Key.

Feitian Technologies is a leading security supplier of online user authentication and payment transaction. Founded in 1998 in Beijing, it has users in over 100 countries in the world. Feitian product lines feature contact and contactless smart cards, EMV chip cards, payment terminals, and user authentication solutions for secure online banking and transaction security.