Integrates with standard commercial electronic locks

The Modis Lock hardware consists of a host unit paired with up to four reader units.

Electronic lock-facing Host unit

The host unit connects to the central access control panel on your premises—the central unit that controls the electronic locks. A single Modis system can control up to two doors (controlling the locking mechanism and detecting whether doors are opened or closed).

User-facing Reader unit

The host unit is also connected to the user-facing reader units which are usually positioned next to entrances and exits. The host unit controls the readers from up to 600 meters. It supplies power and communicates with the reader with a 4-wire connection running through a single cable.

Host Unit

The host unit interfaces directly with standard electronic lock controllers.

  • Custom designed unit with Raspberry Pi CM3 module
  • Running customized Linux crafted for security and reliability
  • Industrial-grade components, including connectors, mechanical and solid state relays, for long service life
  • All aluminum enclosure for thermal control

What’s on board:

  1. Ethernet port
  2. USB port
  3. I/O Connector for:
    • CAN Bus and powerline to the readers
    • Two mechanical relays operating door solenoids and other high load electrical outputs
    • Two mechanical relays to connect with LEDs or buzzers for audio/visual feedback
    • Opto isolated inputs that connect to door sensor, sending open/close status to host
  4. 12V DC power input
  5. Power LED
  6. System heartbeat LED
  7. Reset button

Reader Unit

The reader unit is designed to blend into modern office or living spaces. The multipurpose user interface is framed in a sleek aluminum casing. The front panel has a capacitive touchpad that glows at the touch, while the NFC/RFID antenna and USB ports are accessible but inconspicuous.

  1. Capacitive touch keypad
  2. USB reader
  3. NFC/RFID antenna

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Modis Lock Software

The Modis Lock includes web-based Administration software for configuring the system. It’s also possible to develop custom solutions using the available API — for integrating Modis Lock into existing business services, security applications or reporting systems.

Software features

  • Flexible user administration
  • Key enrollment
  • Rules for key usage
  • Hardware setting and monitoring
  • LDAP compatible
  • Backup and Restore
  • Extensive logging/reporting
  • Automatic updates
  • API

Description of the API

  • User creation/edit/deletion
  • Key creation/edit/deletion
  • Event reporting
  • Utilities


  • Integrated validation server
  • Validation works offline for all protocols
  • Optionally Yubico’s cloud validation for OTP keys can be used