Modis Lock

Best-in-class digital authentication tech applied to physical access control

  • Unlock doors and access digital accounts with a single universal token/key

  • Unify IT security and spend less managing security credentials

  • Many configuration options to cover a variety of use cases

Two-factor authentication for physical access

Second-factor protocols supported

  • FIDO U2F
    Universal 2nd factor, the open authentication standard from the FIDO alliance. FIDO members include American Express, Bank of America, Google, Intel, PayPal, Samsung, and many others.
  • Yubico OTP
    Yubico’s proprietary OTP (one time passwords) protocol that rotates the password every eight seconds. Helps meet GDPR, PSD2, DFARS, and FIPS compliance requirements.
  • TOTP
    Time-based One Time Passwords used in such applications as Google Authenticator. Compliant with IETF RFC6238 standard.

Standard authentication to add an extra layer of protection

  • NFC
    Compatible with NFC tags, smartphones, NFC-equipped wearables.

  • PIN
    4-9 digit pin code entered through capacitive touchscreen numeric pad.
  • RFID
    Compatible with the most popular RFID cards and tags.

Supported keys and devices

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Use same credentials for physical and digital access:
less overhead for IT staff

For IT Managers and personnel in charge of security, Modis Lock turns access control into an extension of digital security, simplifying and enhancing both. Spend less time managing credentials and eliminate pushback from employees who defy policy.

Devise your maximum security policy…

Create a custom multi-factor protocol by combining any number of supported protocols.

…or provide maximum convenience for employees yet keep security tight

Issue tailor-made multi-factor credentials for each employee based on their devices and preferences.

Use the Modis Lock access administration software out of the box…

Modis Lock is a complete access management solution. The user-facing and infrastructure-facing hardware and the admin-facing software are delivered together. No additional tools are required to issue keys, create rules, monitor the system status or generate usage reports.

…or integrate Modis Lock into your existing IT infrastructure through APIs

All the essential functions of the administration software are also accessible through APIs. Your IT team can integrate the Modis Lock into your existing software solutions to create or delete users, issue keys and set rules, and generate event reports.

API documentation

Integrates with standard commercial electronic locks

Electronic lock-facing Host unit

The host unit connects to the central access control panel on your premises—the central unit that controls the electronic locks. A single Modis system can control up to two doors (controlling the locking mechanism and detecting whether doors are opened or closed).

User-facing Reader unit

The host unit is also connected to the user-facing reader units which are usually positioned next to entrances and exits. The host unit controls the readers from up to 600 meters. It supplies power and communicates with the reader with a 4-wire connection running through a single cable.

Blends into modern office spaces

The reader unit is designed to blend into modern office or living spaces. The multipurpose user interface is framed in a sleek aluminum casing. The front panel has a capacitive touchpad that glows at the touch, while the NFC/RFID antenna and USB ports are accessible but inconspicuous.

The Modis Lock hardware consists of a host unit paired with up to four reader units.

Modis Lock hardware and software description

Security, convenience, and clear conscience – happy staff

For end users, Modis Lock eliminates the need for multiple security tokens to manage physical and digital access. A single multipurpose credential means less responsibility, less things to think about — yet a clear conscience that sensitive physical and digital assets — including employee data — are securely protected.

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