A staff-friendly way
to upgrade office security.

Modis Lock is a physical access control system compatible with 2-factor security tokens. Install Modis Lock, and your employees will only need a single key to both unlock the office doors and to log into their computers.

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Unlock doors and log into accounts with the same key

Modis Lock authenticates users with two-factor security tokens like Yubikey OTP, Yubikey U2F, TOTP devices, NFC Tags or RFID Cards (compatible with more than U2F security keys).

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Enterprise-grade security — without the complexity

Unify physical and digital security

If 2FA tokens are already used in your office — Modis Lock makes physical security into an extension of digital security.

If neither is used in your office — then Modis will help you take care of both digital and physical security with a single stroke.

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