Modis Lock Kit 2


A complete solution for two doors

The kit for uniting digital and physical security in your company
One host unit, two reader units, and accompanying accessories – everything you need to unite digital and physical security in your company.

The Modis Lock Kit 2 will save you time, reduce security costs, and make your employees happy.

One Modis Lock host unit paired with up to four reader units can control two physical doors.

See the User Manual for more information.

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Same credentials for physical and digital access

One key unlocks everything

The Modis Lock gives you a fast and easy way to simplify security within your company. It turns access control into an extension of digital security, simplifying and enhancing both.

Your employees will thank you, as they will spend no time worrying about various credentials, passwords, and security protocols. With the Modis Lock, digital and physical security is combined into one.

Tailor-made security

Keep security tight while keeping your employees happy

You can create a custom multi-factor protocol by combining any number of supported protocols. Or issue tailor-made multi-factor credentials for each employee based on their devices and preferences.

Integrates with standard commercial electronic locks

No need to alter your existing hardware

The Modis Lock hardware consists of a host unit paired with up to four reader units and can control two doors.

The host unit (Modis Lock Host) connects to the central access control panel on your premises—the central unit that controls the electronic locks. A single Modis system can control up to two doors (controlling the locking mechanism and detecting whether doors are opened or closed).

The host unit is also connected to the user-facing reader units which are usually positioned next to entrances and exits. The host unit controls the readers from up to 600 meters. It supplies power and communicates with the reader with a 4-wire connection running through a single cable.

Learn more about the host unit.

For detailed information see User Manual.

Two-factor authentication for physical access

Second-factor protocols supported

  • FIDO U2F
    Universal 2nd factor, the open authentication standard from the FIDO alliance. FIDO members include American Express, Bank of America, Google, Intel, PayPal, Samsung, and many others.
  • Yubico OTP
    Yubico’s proprietary OTP (one time passwords) protocol that rotates the password every eight seconds. Helps meet GDPR, PSD2, DFARS, and FIPS compliance requirements.
  • TOTP
    Time-based One Time Passwords used in such applications as Google Authenticator. Compliant with IETF RFC6238 standard.

Standard authentication to add an extra layer of protection

  • NFC
    Compatible with NFC tags, smartphones, NFC-equipped wearables.

  • PIN
    4-9 digit pin code entered through capacitive touchscreen numeric pad.
  • RFID
    Compatible with the most popular RFID cards and tags.

Modis Lock Software

Flexible and easy way to handle your security

The Modis Lock includes web-based Administration software for configuring the system. It’s also possible to develop custom solutions using the available API — for integrating Modis Lock into existing business services, security applications or reporting systems.

Modis Lock software demo

Login: / ModisModis

What’s in the kit?

The kit includes:

  • 1 host
  • 2 readers
  • Accessories

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